Welcome to Fittsburgh! How Joe and Anthony Vennare are Shaping up Pittsburgh to be a Better and Healthier City.

Being healthy in Pittsburgh has never been so easy, thanks to Anthony and Joe Vennare (yup, you guessed it they're bros). But not those kind of bro's, like the related kind). They launched Fittsburgh, a site about healthy eating and living here in Pittsburgh just this past May, and it is already taking off! Pittsburghers are clearly in dire need of change and variety for ways to move and eat well here in the 'Steel City.'  The Vennare brothers make this possible by providing a resource to find locally grown food and all unique (and most importantly FUN) ways to workout!  Pittsburgh is an amazing smorgasbord for all sorts of amazing food and fitness styles that thanks to Joe and Anthony we are no longer blind to!  I  recently had the pleasure of chatting with Anthony, one half of this dynamic duo, about fitness, food and doing what you love.

RBR: So, how did Fittsburgh come about?

Anthony: Oh man, a VERY long story short. I was in the Marines and my brother was a history teacher and decided we wanted to do something to help people. We had ended up coming back to Pittsburgh when our Dad got sick and while we were home we decided  to open a gym called The Hybrid Athlete where our motto is 'Health, Happiness and Hustle!'. And we started to do research to see  if there was somewhere online that covered health and wellness here in Pittsburgh on a large scale.  And there was NOTHING! So last month we launched Fittsburgh and were so fortunate with how well received it was.

RBR: What made you guys want to focus on Pittsburgh?

Anthony: I mean, this is our home.  We grew up here and we love it! There is so much going with the food and fitness scene that we need to shed some light on and show the positive stuff going on here in Pittsburgh.  People know about what's going on in New York and Los Angeles but we're concerned about Pittsburgh, Louisville, Cleveland and letting people know what's going on in these emerging second tier cities.

RBR: Have you noticed a change in the people around you guys now that you are so avid in promoting and living a healthy lifestyle?

Anthony: Once you get into fitness you begin to surround yourself with like minded people.  Once you're happy and healthy, you're gonna do things your own way!

RBR: As you mentioned, Pittsburgh is growing and evolving food and fitness scene. Where are some of your favorite places to eat and workout here in the 'Burgh?

Anthony: Oh man, one of the best meals I've had recently was at Franktuary in Lawrenceville. I had this incredible grass fed meatball wrapped in a lettuce leaf and Kombucha on tap from Red Star.  It's just so amazing that you find meals like that here.  we're no longer a city that only consumes Iron City and Pirmantis! And my brother really enjoys Cure, which is also over in Lawrenceville. A far as workouts I'm a big fan of Jhonphillip Yonan over at Muv Integrated Fitness. He's doing such cool stuff over and really getting your body to move in new and unique ways.

RBR: What's the main goal that you hope to accomplish with Fittsburgh?

Anthony:  The thing with Pittsburgh is, it has such a neat food community that is growing but not so much on the fitness end.  If workout studios, gym, etc just went out and got one new member rather than fighting over the same person and put their 'fitness egos' aside and just focus on genuinely helping people it'd be a better fitness community where we all could thrive. And that's our mission. We want to create this resource for our community where people can workout, eat healthy and enjoy life!

**Learn more about the guys by following them on twitter @getfitpgh and on Instagram.



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