The Supposedly 'Picture Perfect' App

Like most mornings, I'm sitting at my breakfast bar, drinking my herbal tea and eating some breakfast before I start my day.  I've got The Today Show on in the background but then suddenly my attention is drawn in immediately.

One of the anchors is talking about this new app (nothing out of the ordinary right?). However, my ears perked up when the anchor began talking about the new selfie craze and how there is a new selfie app out to help you take a 'better' selfie. The new app titled Skinneepix enhances your selfie photo not by color filters or goofy effects like most photo apps but actually gives you the option to take weight off of your face to make you look thinner.  You have the option to 'shed' 5lbs, 10lbs or 15lbs from your face.

This sounds like Science Fiction or an episode of Nip/Tuck right?! Unfortunately, this is reality and one that we should not accept.  In a time where not just women but plenty of men out there suffer from eating disorders and body dismorphia, this app is the last thing we need. We shouldn't stand for crap like this. At the end of the day it's these false images of what beauty is along with the air brushing of actresses and models for magazines that is so misleading and continues to threaten the health and well being of young men and women out there who believe this to be truth. 



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