New HBO Shows Get Political: Trailers for 'Veep' and 'Newsroom' !

The Network definitely seems to be making some MAJOR changes in it's programming as of lately.  Axing show like Hung and How to Make it is America and bringing on board Aaron Sorkin's (Social Network, West Wing, Moneyball) show Newsroom as well Veep starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus.  And while both shows covers politics they approach the issue in drastically different ways! Veep tends to make fun of political issue and Dreyfus plays somewhat of a Sarah Palin figure but in a way that doesn't seem phony or overdone but just funny. Sorkin's Newsroom on the other hand takes the issue of our current times and faces them head on in a very dramatic way.  Both look amazing and I'm excited to see where these shows go and how they do.

** Check out the trailers for both shows after the jump!