So a Pothead, A Paint Store Manager, and their Mom Meet on a Bridge... A Review of "Jeff Who Lives at Home"

If you were expecting Step Brothers meets Little Miss Sunshine much like I was, Jeff Who Lives at Home definitely wasn't it.  In the end, it was a charming story with a lot of  heart. The film, while extremely well acted by all of  the cast, took really weird turns and consisted of strange shots and jarring pacing leaving you not quite knowing how to feel.

This film did, however, do a great job of connecting these characters on a deeper level in short amount of time and create meaningful relationships that were super entertaining to watch.  There are a ton of laughs provided by Segel, Helms, and Sarandon.

What I really took away from the film was how much of a passion project it really was.  The film's low budget (demonstrated by it's grittiness) adds a lot to the emotion of the film rather than hindering it.

Although I was expecting the film to be dark, I didn't think it would be so strange. The film basically begins with Jeff (Segel), a 30- year- old slacker who lives in his Mom's (Sarandon) basement getting a phone call asking for a Kevin. Jeff, who thinks there is a reason for everything and believes in fate, takes this random call as a sign that he must somehow end up interacting with a Kevin that day.  So Segel hilariously ends up following around things with the name Kevin on it.

In addition to this, Segel runs into his brother, played by Ed Helms, who he has an estranged relationship with. They bond and then fight and then bond again throughout the course of the film. They can't seem to see eye-to-eye on how one should live their life. And that's the question the film really raises: How do you want to live your life?

Finally, there is Susan Sarandon's characters' storyline where she ends up coming face to face with her workplace secret admirer. It's great to see her reactions to her admirers instant message comments and the even better reaction when she realizes who it is!

All in all, this was a pretty enjoyable experience and I recommend it if your a fan of films taking unexpected turns, or just a fan of Jason Segel!

Grade: B