Harold and Kumar get us High on the Holiday Spirit!

So I must admit at first glance of the trailer for A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas I wasn't too excited for the third installment from the pot smoking duo. Sure, it looked fun and all but nothing too exciting. However, I am pleased to say that after seeing it last night that my expectations were surpassed and I actually had a lot of fun at this film.

Okay, I know most of you are probably pretty pissed about the whole 3D thing. Sure it's a gimmick and it's used to raise ticket prices and make more money but having a weed smoke ring blown into your face form Kal Penn that turns into a Christmas wreath with the films' title is pretty badass!

The movie picks up a few years down the road from when we last left the guys. We find Harold and Maria married and Kumar and Vanessa have split due to his immature ways.  Kumar is still up to his old tricks and sadly and surprisingly, the guys are no longer besties which allows us to meet to new characters. Kumar's neighbor Adrian play my Amir Blumenfeld and Harold's new buddy Todd played by Thomas Lennon of Reno 9-1-1.

The  plot of the film revolves Harold and Kumar burning down Harold's father-in-laws Chritmas tree that he has brought all the way with him to Harold's home to decorate which is bad news bears for Harold since his father in law seriously hates him!

Throughout their mission to find the tree the guys begin to re-kindle their friendship and OF COURSE run into NPH! Unfortunately, this was my least favorite appearance from the star out of all three of the films. While the majority of it was funny (poking fun at his relationship with real life partner David Burtka) they depicted Neil a little bit too creepy in this one for me and made it less enjoyable seeing him this time around.

One of my favorite scenes however is when the two start to trip and imagine that they are in one of those old school Claymation movies. From the creepy Christmas song in the background to the guys imagine a chubby little boy is a squirrel and pinching his cheeks the scene is a ten!

And despite the film's somewhat growth in subject matter they are none the less still raunchy and funny as hell! I give this film a B+ for bringing in the Holidays with bang!