A Woman on a Mission to Spread Peace!: My Interview with Alina Villasante of 'Peace, Love, World'

Alina Private Jet Shoot for Fall 2011

Recently, I had the chance to chat with Alina Villasante the Creator and Visionary behind Peace, Love, World; a fashion line that isn't just about looking good but about spreading good as well. Alina and her team bring us a look that radiates color as well as a positive message and if their plan of a world  dominated by peace and love seems like a far fetched hippie dream there are those that would beg to differ. Celebs such as J Lo, Rob Kardashian and Beau Mirchoff of the new Mtv 'teen dramedy' Awkward are just a few of the names who can be caught supporting the line. And I believe this is just hte beginning for this wonderful company. Check out my interview with Alina here!

How did Peace Love World first come about??

"Well, it all started with my 'I am Love' shirt. I would meet up with my girlfriends and one year I made these shirts and they loved them. So it all went from there and now, 3 years later we're in Greece, Germany and France!"

What first made you want to get into fashion?

"I just kind of feel into fashion. It's something I've loved my entire life. I just believe in being very fashion forward and having a message!"

Although you grew up in NY and Atlanta you happily call Miami home… does being surrounded by the vibrant culture there tend to fuel your designs?

"Well I'm originally from Cuba but spent 12 years in NY. I ABSOLUTELY adapt the culture I'm surrounded by into my work. This 2012 launch is ALL about color!"

With a message like Peace Love World it is easy to see how that can transpire into helping out various charitable organizations. Could you talk a little bit about what charitiesPeace Love World is involved with??

"Sure! I really think that it's important to take a moment to stop and think about what's going on around you. We're all guilty of getting wrapped in the daunting tasks of everyday life but it's great to take time out and focus on others. We're heavily involved in relief work in Haiti to help the children their have better lives. We also do a lot of work with the Susan G. Coleman Breast Cancer Foundation. It's important for women to aware of the risk and far too many people in general fall victim to this horrible disease so we're happy to do what we can."

Photo from Alina's trip to Haiti

Were you nervous to first unveil you line??

"I'm ALWAYS nervous but ya know what, You've got to forge ahead even though it's scary don’t think about it! It's funny because I'm actually feeling this now about the new store we're about to on Miami Beach!"

Does your work reflect your personal fashion taste?? How would you describe your style?

"I actually do make my own clothes and I wont create it if I wont wear it myself! The style of Peace, Love, World as well as my own is definitely bohemian sheik and SUPER comfy!"

Having achieved so many wonderful things already,what's next for Peace Love World?

"You know, you're only as good as your last season. I want to continue spreading our message and stay ahead of the time. Going along with this comcept actually is our 'I am Gentlemen' line. Inside the clothing it will have phrases stating what makes a man a Gentlemen. I'm very excited about this!

Mtv star Beau Mirchoff and 'So You Think You Can Dance' star Jeanine Mason have some fun while modeling Peace, Love World!
To help spread the message of Peace, head on over to PLW's site!



  1. Beau Mirchoff ("Awkward" "Easy A") & Jeanine Mason ("Awkward")

  2. Beau Mirchoff ("Born To Race" "I Am Number Four" "Gametime" "Awkward" And "Easy A") And Jeanine Mason ("Big Time Rush" "So You Think You Can Dance" And "Awkward")