Mark Sanchez Goes Green for GQ!

The cutie of a QB will grace the cover of the upcoming Fall issue of GQ. In the article he comments on some stuff that may surprise you, like a correlation between his job and a Broadway performers'! Check what Sanchez had to say and more pics after the jump!

On feeling a kinship with Broadway performers
“Their life is so regimented - like mine. They have eight shows a week. They have to take care of their bodies, stretch, eat right, take care of their voices. You know, their voice is like my arm.”

On what he looks for in a girl: 
“I can’t help but want somebody that’s, I don’t know, athletic. Family is big. My mom has to love her. I mean, love her. Somebody who can handle all this, you know, you can help me handle all this - because I’m still learning. Cynically, I think, ‘Okay, how is this person going to help me with a Super Bowl?””

On his celebrity crush:
Jennifer Aniston, She’s experienced.”

Source: Just Jared 



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