Matthew McConaughey Looking Dapper on the April Cover of Esquire!

All that working out must be the reason why 41-year-old looks so great on the cover of the upcoming issue of Esquire!  Despite the fact that McConaughey doesn't do as many films as he use to he still has quite a presence in Hollywood. You can catch him in his latest film The Lincoln Lawyer which also stars Marisa Tomei and Ryan Phillippe which is in theaters now.  Check out some of what he had to say in his interview here!

On taking time off between movies: “I’ve done that before. I went to Peru after A Time to Kill. I had a lot to think about. Just grabbed a bag and left. And I went up and further in, until I was about as uncomfortable and unfamiliar with things as I could be. You know why I don’t go to Europe for these trips? Because in Europe everything pretty much works, or it almost works. I mean, it’s almost what I’m used to. But Peru, Mali, Morocco? Nothing works. Nothing. So you have to give up on what you know.”

On people’s perception of him: “Do I think the image of me is a true picture of who I am? No, it’s incomplete. But things about me that are out there — I’m not going to say they’re false. Am I a fun-loving guy, man? Who likes running around in the summer with his shirt off, man? Am I a guy who likes to hang out with his friends, and party and go to concerts and football games with his friends? Well, yeah! Yes, I am. Always have been. Always hopefully will be. You know?

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