Jessie J's Sexy SNL Performance

The British Pop singer/songwriter Jessie J has been all over the airwaves lately with her new single "Price Tag" feat. B.O.B. and now to top it off she got to perform on the SNL stage this weekend!  After many years of penning lyrics for such pop acts Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and most famously Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" Jessie has broke out on her on Island Records.  Her songs are SUPER catchy, fun and make you want to bust a move.  She reminds me of Lilly Allen and it will be interesting to see if this chick has some staying power or will end up being a one-hit wonder.  But with an amazing voice and a fun attitude she's hard to resist and that could definitely keep Jessie J around for a while.  Check her out on SNL!  B.O.B. kills his part on "Price Tag" and Jessie gives a performance of her song "Mama Knows Best" that feels more like a Burlesque show than your typical SNL performance which is pretty cool!

Price Tag

Mama Know Best

Also check out Jessie's video for "Pricetag" after the jump!

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