Glee Proves that They're an Original

If an episode of Glee opens with Darren Criss throwing papers in the air and belting out Maroon 5's "Misery" you know it's gonna be a good one!  There was so much that this episode, Original Song did right that it is hard to know where to begin.

First, we'll start with the Warblers being called out by Kurt as basically being "Blaine and the Pips" rather than a real Glee Club.  It was great to see the issue addressed and it also opened up the opportunity to allow Kurt to have a solo at Regionals which I was thrilled about (Although I didn't really think the Hey Monday! 'Candles' song went off that well)!

Speaking of Kurt and Blaine, oh yeah, THEY FINALLY GOT TOGETHER!  To be honest, I really didn't know if it was ever going to happen.  The show dangled the idea of them being together in front of us like a carrot over the course of the entire season. And just when you were over it and ready for Kurt to find someone else, the show catches you off guard and they finally kiss.  It caught me by surprise and was one of my favorite scenes from this episode.

Moving on to the show tackling the process writing it's original song.  I have never laughed harder!  Mr. Shue handing out rhyming dictionaries, and with songs such as "Trouty Mouth", "Big Ass" and "Hell to the No" making their debuts was priceless!  The reason this worked so well is that the show poked fun at exactly what everyone thought they were going do, which is write a really crappy original song.  A shows'/movies' ability to know what it is and at times make fun that is really endearing to me and something that I am a HUGE fan of.

So how did Glee do with coming up with their own original songs??  Let me preface this answer with the fact that this was one of the BIGGEST  things that critics scrutinized the show for; equating the performances on the show to glorified Karaoke.  So needless to say, this was risky for the show to do. They were gambling that they could quiet some of the critics by this bold move and if they didn't it would certainly be the point at which the show would begin a downward spiral.  And while the show will NEVER be able to please everyone out there they absolutely nailed the original material in my opinion.  With their ballad "Get it Right" they really got to showcase the talent of Lea Michele and made her more likable than ever pitted against a conniving and just plain mean Quinn.   There is a scene where Michele's character goes through the pain and agony of being told that she will never have her picture perfect life with Finn and in the process of this painful moment writes her song through blurry, tear filed eyes that is just brilliant! Not only did Rachel's character come off extremely likable this episode but Mr. Shue was better than ever as the super caring and enthusiastic Glee Club Director.  You could not help but to smile as you watched him being so proud of his students. The other orignal song, "Loser Like Me" was super catchy and while it sounded much like a cheesy pop song along the lines of "Party in the USA", it encapsulated everything the show has been about since day one, which is be proud of who you are (Yes, I know, very "after school special" type of message, but hey, it's TRUE!).

Simply put, this episode of Glee embodied all the things that the show does SO wonderfully well.  It was emotional, funny, and campy and it did so effortlessly.  Creator Ryan Murphy is incredibly smart and talented when it comes to executing his ideas and I hope for more episodes done this well. I give this episode an A+ for the show knowing it was an orignal all along but finally showing it.

So what did you guys think?? Check out the Original Songs after the jump and let me know!

"Get it Right"

"Loser Like Me"



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