Adam Levine Makes His Voice Heard!

The Maroon 5 front man is taking a short break from his super popular/successful band in order to do a show show for NBC.  The show, The Voice, will be in the reality type style and feat. other acts such a Cee Lo Green and Christina.  Adam released a statement on the M5 Website apologizing to fans for delaying their Summer tour dates in order for him to take part in the show.  Check out the statement after the jump!


Hey Everybody!
So as I'm sure most of you know, we have postponed some tour dates. I
just wanted to drop you guys a line to let you know what was happening

so nobody would be left in the dark. Maroon 5 has been a band for 17 years.
We have had an incredible career that is still going strong today. NBC
approached me to be a part of this show called "The Voice." Now of course,
my guard went up almost immediately. I'd never involve myself with
something I didn't believe in and those that know me, know how "allergic" 

I am to most forms of reality television. Had I not been interested in
the concept, I never would have even considered it but the truth is, 
this sounded different. It sounded refreshing, and I thought to myself,
why not? And when they had mentioned that amazing talents like Cee Lo
and Christina being involved, I got REALLY interested. I'm not sure where
it will lead, but its exciting nonetheless. and I only hope to have the
support of our incredible fans who have been there since day one.

As for the postponed dates, we WILL make them up by the end of the year. 
We'd never let our fans down. I'm so sorry we gave such short notice and 

we will try to never to let that happen again. WE LOVE YOU!



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