Glee Gets Us in the Christmas Spirit with a Very Glee Christmas

Although there wasn't anything particularly outstanding about the Christmas episode of Glee it still ended up being quite charming.  As always, the song selection was pretty interesting, deciding to open with "The Island of Misfit Toys" was really fitting.  The show decided to go the whole "teach the real meaning of Christmas" route and managed to look like a Gap ad while doing so.

In their Christmas special the Glee kids attempt to raise money for those less fortunate by caroling from classroom to classroom which of course, at McKinley High doesn't bode well and makes for a hilarious scene of hostile students and one very violent shoe throwing teacher.  Sue, who embodies the attitude of the Grinch year round decided to act  on it and portray the character to its fullest by stealing all of gifts the glee kids had got for the underprivileged kids.  Will is giving Emma the cold shoulder for running off and marrying Carl, her dentist, which I think is pretty well deserved.  Rachel and Finn are finally done after in typical Rachel fashion, she pushes Finn to forgive her for cheating on him.  Also, there is the issue of Brittany still believing in Santa and asking him to make Arty able to walk for Christmas.  However, when Brittany loses her Christmas spirit when she comes to the realization that this can't happen is given a Christmas miracle when Coach Beast anonymously gets a device that allows Arty to be able to walk occasionally and leaves it under Brittany's tree.  In the end, keeping in the spirit of Christmas all ends well with Sue giving back the presents and decorating Will's apartment with the glee kids so that he won't have to spend Christmas eve alone.

The music selection as I mentioned before was a unique choice.  As always, glee provided a great soundtrack to the episode as well as our holiday season.  The song selections included hits like Wham's "Last Christmas" and classics like"We Need a Little Christmas"and "Merry Christmas Darling" but what really caught my attention was Kurt and Blaine's duet of "Baby It's Cold Outside".  What I really appreciated about the choice of having two guys do the song was that it really put a twist on the classic song that could have easily been done by any of the guy and girl couples on the show.

After watching several of Ryan Murphy's other hit show Nip/Tuck's Christmas episodes I really had an appreciation for the dark and twisted sense of humor he presented in the episode.  For me, it was very much a Ryan Murphy Christmas and I loved every minute of it!  I give this episode a solid B.



  1. This episode was awesome first off. When I started watching the episode, I knew Ryan Murphy was going to have to make it a theme episode. Once, it became evident that it was going to be a "how the grinch stole christmas" theme my first thought was, Brilliant! Everything from the rendition of the song to brittant showing up and sue giving her the same excuse the grinch gave the little girl was perfect. Although some of the side stories fell flat, the overall mood of the episode was great. I'm not ready to go as far to say Glee is one of the best shows on TV, but it is definitely one of my favorite.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I gotta say, Murphy really is a genius at creating great television!