Another True Blood Post: Eric is Bill's Bitch!

There's SO much great True Blood news floating around right now; new cast members, the start of filming for season four, but more importantly, Eric is Bill's bitch!  (But of course we all knew this anyway)!  Whether you're Team Eric or Team Bill you can definitely agree that True Blood stars Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard taking time out of their schedules to do a charity event is pretty awesome.

The fangtastic twosome hosted an event called Battle of the Fang.  The vampire team that earned the most got the privilege of picking slogan's for t-shirts that the stars would wear.  Together the stars earned around 70,000 dollars!  Moyer's went to Gulf Aid while Skarsgard's went to SOS Children's Villages.  It just goes to show that vampires aren't all bad!  As you can see by the shirts Team Bill came out victorious!

Source: EOnline



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