Shit You Missed This Weekend 11/26 -11/28

While all of us were busy stuffing our faces, watching epic amounts of television, and Black Friday Shopping, here's what went down over the holiday weekend.  There was a parade, celebs enjoying their breaks, concerts, tons of new movies and some self indulgent celeb interviews.  Check it all out after the break!

First up, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

It's tradition that every year I get up and watch the parade each Thanksgiving (yes, I KNOW how corny this is!).  Even though it's on at 9 am, which is normally an hour I do not see, I drag myself out of bed for this event every year and nothing puts a smile on my face like big balloons and lip synched performances!

Source: Ok Magazine

Next up, the movie releases just keep coming at us!  This weekend at the box office we had Love and Other Drugs, Burlesque, Tangled and The King's Speech.  Check out what the critics at Pop Sugar had to say about these new flicks in Watch, Pass, Rent!

Source: Pop Sugar

So, my vacation consisted of tons of turkey and pie and football and LOTS of pets!  Now that you all know what I was up to over the holiday break I think it's time to share what people you may actually care about did  on their vacations.

Megan Fox and hubby Brian Austin Green get cuddly in Orlando 

Hugh Jackman gets jacked over the break

Reese and new boyfriend Jim Toth stroll about on Black Friday

Glee's Cory Monteith arrives in his hometown of Vancouver for vacation looking like a Gap ad

And finally, there were some epic interviews from Matt Lauer and his People of the Year 2010 interviews.  In this interview with Justin Timberlake, Timberlake continues on his path of complete and utter superiority as well as his campaign for winning an Oscar for his performance in The Social Network.  People are feeding his ego and "he's lovin' it".



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