Jake Gyllenhaal Plays Mind Games with Us in Source Code

Oh Jake Gyllenhaal, what can I say...  The guy is "dating" Taylor Swift, got to see Anne Hathaway naked and his career just won't slow down.  In Source Code brought to us by director Duncan Jones (Moon) Gylenhaal plays a soldier who is implanted into a passenger on a train and must attempt to figure  out who blows up the train.  But of course, he only has  only has 8 minutes each time.  During the process of trying to save the people on the train he falls for one of the passengers played by Michelle Monaghan.  This Sci-Fi thriller seems like a typical action flick but could turn out to be pretty interesting.  Source Code is due out in April 2011.  Check out the trailer here! What do you guys think??



  1. You left out an important fact: Duncan Jones is ACTUALLY David Bowie's son Zowie Bowie. This material feels familiar; Moon's narrative took some unexpected turns so I'm optimistic.