The Return of Ryan Gosling

It seems like FOREVER since we've heard any big news about Ryan Gosling.  The last thing I vividly remember about the guy was his huge beard and his epic love affair with Rachel McAdams and who can forget the huge make out session and the MTV movie award when they won for best kiss.  Now we're on Ryan Gosling overload ( I see NO problems with this)!  Right now everyone seems to want a piece of the this stud.  Gosling will be appearing in All Good Things alongside Kirsten Dunst which looks AWESOME and right now he is working with break out star Carey Mulligan in the upcoming movie Drive.  Check out the All Good Things trailer and set pics from Drive here!

Source: OhNoTheyDidn't


All Good Things Movie Trailer

Gosling and Mulligan on the set of Drive



  1. You know I love this boy.. So great talking with you last night! Keep up with the blog!!
    --The other Rach!

  2. Thank you for the useful info! Oh i love both Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan's lovely acting!

  3. You are SO welcome! Glad you enjoyed the post!!

  4. I love this guy since the notebook. I always admire his looks which is very innocent but alluring. Thanks!