James Franco in the Fight for his Life in New Movie 127 Hours

This trailer left me speechless and will most take your breath away as well!  From Director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) comes 127 Hours.  The film stars James Franco as hiker/ adventurer Aron Ralston who gets trapped by a bolder at Robbers Roost, Utah.  The rest of the story is just extraordinary.  After five days Ralston decides to amputate his own arm, scale the 65 foot rock wall then hiked over 8 miles before he was rescued!  While the film is vaguely reminiscent of Into the Wild the premise seems much more uplifting and Franco is incredible!  Check out the movie poster and trailer here!



  1. I will definitely be hitting the theaters to see this next weekend! Since "28 Days Later" there hasn't been a film that Danny Boyle has directed that I haven't absolutely fallen in love with (I just discovered "Millions," so good.)

    Do you think this has any Academy Award recognition potential?

  2. I ABSOLUTELY think it has the potential! James Franco just looks incredible in it and hopefully his performance will be captivating enough to carry us through this man's incredible journey.