Katy Perry Lights Up Our Lives With New Video for Firework

From New Issue of Cosmo

So about a week ago I showed you guys the preview to the video for Katy Perry's new single "Firework".  After now viewing the whole video I must say I'm pretty impressed.  There's a whole lot there, family issues, sexual preference, and overcoming everyday battles in your life.  Now I'm not trying to say that this is necessarily innovative, Pink has done it with "Family Portrait", Kelly Clarkson "Because of You"; However, these topics are timeless and will always need to be brought to the forefront.  So kudos to Ms. Katy Perry, you've come a long way from "I Kissed a Girl".  What do you guys think of the video as well as the song and its message?



  1. I was a little frightened by the fireworks emanating from her torso!

  2. hahaha Yes that was definitely strange!