The Glee Rocky Horror Picture Show

After taking the week off Glee came back this week with their Rocky Horror Picture Show episode.  Now, I'm not too familiar with the envelope pushing musical from the 70's but the show gave us a pretty good background of it and after a little research of my own I felt that the Glee kids did a pretty good job of recreating this over the top spectacle especially with the costumes.  This most likely wasn't much of a stretch sine Glee itself continually pushes the envelope with it's own material.  The ep as a whole was alright and I tend to disagree with Rolling Stone writer, Erica Futterman, it definitely was not the best ep of the season so far.  Personally, I think the season opener "Auditions"  or "Grilled Cheesus" were the best yet.  While as whole the Rocky Horror picture show Glee style, storyline was sort of flat (mainly revolving around Will trying to get Emma back by putting the production on since she is a fan), the musical numbers were really well done and I thoroughly enjoyed them.  The beginning of the episode with the singing lips was jarring but pretty cool as well, so kudos to Adam Shankman (Hairspray) for his interesting stylistic decisions in directing this episode.  In the end, I'm happy to walk away from the episode with a new favorite song, Damn it, Janet.  What did you guys think of the Glee Rocky Horror Picture Show?  Did it get you guys in the mood to dress in drag for Halloween or maybe even all year round?



  1. Will came off creepy as hell; he is utterly unlikable and impossible to root for. The losing formula for Glee: High concept with no plot and dimensionless caricatures indulgently crammed in.

  2. I have to agree with you on this one. Will was SO unlikable in this episode! Although Ryan Murphy has a "bigger picture" sort of plan for his shows and we should be patient for the overall idea to unfold, It doesn't mean we deserve a handful of shitty episodes mixed in with the good ones. I just hope the show doesn't bottom out like Murphy's other hit show (Nip/Tuck).