MTV no longer means "Music Television". Well, kind of...

MTV has finally accepted the fact that they are no longer "Music Television" by unveiling its new logo, which omits the words 'music television'. Although this comes as no surprise, it is nonetheless sad. It is the end of an era; the first television station to play music videos and change pop culture is forever gone. I should have known MTV was going to do this when TRL, the pulse of the American teenager and the new American Bandstand, came to an end. MTV has said that this does not mean music will no longer air on the station; you can still catch music videos in the A.M,. and new artist will continue to debut on the network.

Since MTV no longer has a plethora of music for us to indulge, in I thought I would share some of what I've been listening to lately. Hope you guys enjoy!

Robin Thicke-Dreamworld

Jeremih-Imma a Star

James Blunt-I'll take everything

The Fray-Heartless (cover)

Kid Kudi-Pursuit of Happiness

Carrie Underwood-Undo it

The Temper Trap-Sweet Disposition



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