The Kind of Love that they only Write About...

In the spirit of Valentine's Day; Some of my favorite TV couples!

Kevin and Winnie

This couple gives you moments that warm your heart as well as one's that rip it apart. You grow with their love and watch it turn into something truly wonderful!

Corey and Topanga

These two love each other for who they are; flaws and all. This is how real love should be.

Joey and Pacey

These guys made the list because so much raw love and passion exist between them; you can just feel it. They've been thrugh hell and back and made it!

Zach and Kelly

We cannot ask for a more perfect couple! Form their hair to their clothes to their cliche dates at The Max these two are one of the most ideal couples we can hope for.

Jim and Pam

Cute is the only word I can think of to describe these two! They say office romances never work but these two blow that theory right out of the water!

Bill and Sookie

Their unnatural relationship works so naturally! These two are constantly bailing one another out of bad situations like a good partner should.

Ronnie and Sammie

"Never fall in love at the Jersey Shore." Well, that's exactly what this Guido and Guidette did. You cannot help but love seeing these two stroll down the boardwalk!



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