Party with the best of 'em

This refreshingly new comedy from Starz is about a group of disgruntled employees in the catering industry. Well, not all of them. Their boss Ron Donald is a squeaky clean perfectionist who's strives to be at the top of his catering game. Despite his good intentions he cannot help how his parties unfold into terrible disasters. In addition to relating to the idea of having a job that is a joke and miserable the cast certainly draws you in. Adam Scott from the male nurse from knocked subtle sense of humor is undeniably charming. Ken Marino turns down his "pretty boy" charm and looks to play an uptight and awkward boss like no other. Lizzy Caplan is brilliant as always although she is versatile having roles in "True Blood" and Smallville" she shines in comedies her role as a sarcastic and bitchy server rivals that of her role in Mean Girls. However Jane Lynch truly carries this show. Her comedic timing and great delivery truly elevates any show to the next level. So don't miss out on the party!




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