The band I almost forgot about!

When I first saw the video for "Everything is Everything" come on the screen while I was at a Maroon 5 concert I was hooked. The catchy melody I just had to know who this band was. Finally when they're name appeared I made sure I committed this band to memory. Well, apparently my mental notes on Phoenix weren't that good. As of recently I am reminded again of how fantastic this band is with their most recent single "1901". This grammy nominated alternative French band is always changing their sounds and pulling you into their funky sound with every album. Hailing from Versailles the cultural arena that brought us "Daft Puck" it is no wonder these boys can rock! Thomas Mars, Deck D'Arcy, Christian Mazzalai and Laurent Bancowitz bring us music that is catchy with a hint of edge which allows them not to be made fun of for be some poppy rock band full of cute boys. But judge for yourself...

Everything is Everything




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