How We Can Use Social Media for Good


This is something that's been on my mind as of late. Seeing so many people in my social network post about how they need beaks from social media and how they feel so much better and so much more productive when they're not on it got me social media actually toxic or can we create an online social media experience that makes us feel seen, heard and most importantly, safe. 

Of course the research shows that we benefit from being out in nature. It goes back to our ancestral roots and is innately in us to thrive when we spend our time outdoors. And as someone who loves to hike, bike, jog, kayak, swim and anything else outdoors, I can attest that there is no feeling quite like having the sun warm your face and breathe in the fresh air. It just, heals the soul.

So it's not that I'm proposing that this idea of being more present and getting outside more isn't valid but rather, that we are not bound by the rules of social media. What we are bound to however is the dopamine hit our brains' receive when we do go on social media. So it's not that we shouldn't be on social media as so much good can come from it. We can connect with groups of people with similar interest and hobbies, raise money fro important causes and event start movements. 

And yes, while there's this movement of "keyboard warriors" who hide behind their screens and bully, likely, because of their own insecurities, what's important is to regulate ourselves on social media. Set boundaries, because no one's going to do it for us.



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