Social Media Detox Day 1

Alright guys, so here we go with a recap of events from day one of no social media. So last night I deleted Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snap Chat off of my phone. Not gonna lie,that was pretty hard to to do. I kept clicking open my phone to go into those app so as crutch I just kept checking my email on my phone.  But after an hour or so stopped wanting to obsessively check my feeds and went on to watch some tv, play a game on my phone and cap off my evening with some reading ( I'm int he middle of Trevor Noah's Born A Crime, highly recommend).

So what is it with our addiction to social media? One article I recently came across suggest it's in our genes. According to a study at King's College in London,

"DNA differences substantially influence how individuals interact with the media puts the consumer in the driver's seat, selecting and modifying their media exposure according to their needs,"
 So what does this mean...I take it to mean that despite possibly even having an addictive personality, ultimately we can take charge of how we want to intake our media. So in closing, my goal over the next day is to scour the web for current news on my topics of interest, i.e. film, tv, music. How funny is it that this is how we use to have to do things? Spending hours online trying to find the name of a song we heard or to find out what our favoite actor will be starring in next. Now we can throw up a post saying, "Hey, what's this song in this commercial? OR "What's Ben Affleck up to next besides playing Batman?" and in most cases, almost instantaneously, we'll get an answer from someone on our social media feed. So...maybe social media's good for something?... Anyway, I'll leave you with this hilarious and adorable wedding day first look of this couple where the bride dressed up in a T-Rex costume. Hope this brightens your day!



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