Monday, June 30, 2014

Welcome to Fittsburgh! How Joe and Anthony Vennare are Shaping up Pittsburgh to be a Better and Healthier City.

Being healthy in Pittsburgh has never been so easy, thanks to Anthony and Joe Vennare (yup, you guessed it they're bros). But not those kind of bro's, like the related kind). They launched Fittsburgh, a site about healthy eating and living here in Pittsburgh just this past May, and it is already taking off! Pittsburghers are clearly in dire need of change and variety for ways to move and eat well here in the 'Steel City.'  The Vennare brothers make this possible by providing a resource to find locally grown food and all unique (and most importantly FUN) ways to workout!  Pittsburgh is an amazing smorgasbord for all sorts of amazing food and fitness styles that thanks to Joe and Anthony we are no longer blind to!  I  recently had the pleasure of chatting with Anthony, one half of this dynamic duo, about fitness, food and doing what you love.

Monday, June 2, 2014

MKTO are Definitely Classic!

It seems that with each passing year we get less and less music with meaning, music that has soul, music with a message. THANK GOODNESS these guys came along! MKTO consist of Tony Oller and Malcolm Kelley. Two former Nickelodeon stars that decided to break out, grow up and put music out there to inspire and make people feel good.

In their self titled debut album they touch on issues of being bullied to showing some respect to women.  Much like their single 'Classic' that's blowing up right are these guys style. They may be younger but they have a cool old school vibe that I really dig. Not since Macklemore's  'Same Love' have I heard and really felt such passion emanating through  my speakers. I think I really like these guys so much because there here to uplift and inspire people to dream and dream BIG.  This is something that has drastically gone away in a day and age of fast pace living and even faster money. Do yourself a favor and check these guys out, you won't be sorry! Check out my favorite's 'Classic' and 'American Dream' after the jump!