Monday, February 11, 2013

My Totally Awesome Chat with 'Totally Laime's' Elizabeth Laime!

It seems like everyone with a Mac and mic has a podcast these days.  And trust me I think it's great to have such an easy and accesible way to express oneself. But what sets apart the good one's??  The one's that if you wake up and if it's not synced with your ipod or smart phone you lose your shit! It all seems to come down to on thing, relatability.

Are the people you shove into your 'ear holes' as many like to put it, people you'd actually want to have a conversation with yourself?  In a time where radio's key purpose seems to be solely to promote albums you really have to make a conscious decision as to what you listen to.

For me, Podcast ARE the radio.  I throw on my favorites and zone out during my daily commute. The one's I really enjoy not only make me laugh but make think.  And 'Totally Married' INSTANTLY became one I couldn't be without.  Elizabeth Laime and her husband Andy tackle not only relationship questions but questions about life in general and the direction you're trying to go in.  And while they're not professionals,  they are poignant. Their advice is honest and real and that's the best thing about it.  So needless to say, I was pretty darn excited to chat with the woman behind the mic Elizabeth Laime about life, finding your way on the path to creativity and her love of the Golden Girls. It  was SUPER fun although I felt I had to refrain from berating her with questions for advice in my own life as a twenty something having a quarter life crisis!  Check out my chat with the bubbly funny woman and Podcast extraordinaire Elizabeth Laime!