Is Connor Maynard the Future of Pop Music? If so, How do YOU feel About this??

I happened to stumble across this guy a few days ago not gonna lie I can't stop listening to his single "Vegas Girl" over and and over!  Yes, silly title, and they filmed it in NYC  so it makes even LESS sense however, the beat is catchy as hell and the video is super fun which makes the music enjoying experience even better.  But with all this said is 19-year-old British Pop star Connor Maynard the new face of Pop music?  Is this where the future of Pop is heading?? Honestly, I would say a definitive YES.  If this is a good thing or not is a whole other story.

I say this because now, more than ever Pop music tends to have less of a meaning behind its lyrics.  Not to say that is always a bad thing.Today's Pop music tends resemble a Blockbuster movie experience so to speak. With the whole purpose being to make us dance have fun and that's exactly what this song accomplishes!   But just because it's fun does it mean it can lack a sense of  depth??  You be the judge.

Check out Connor Maynard's "Vegas Girl" here!  I DARE you to not dance your butt of to this!!