Vampires Rule at Comic Con 2011!

The BIGGEST party of the year where people get to 'geek out' literally, is upon us! And this years' Comic Con in San Diego has brought out all the big names! The cast of Twilight paid a visit and had fans waiting in line since 6 in the morning that had spent the night the previous evening! Speaking of Vamps, True Bloods' Alexander Skarsgard and Ryan Kwanten checked out the event as well. In addition Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried were their to talk about their upcoming film In Time.  And Sarah Michelle Gellar who played our beloved Buffy made an appearance with the cast of her new show The Ringer.  So needless to say this thing was jam packed with celebs! Check out TONS of photos after the jump!

Source: Just Jared



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