Laughs, Flash Mobs and a Look Back at the 90's: 'Friends with Benefits' Review

Ah, the age old notion that people can have a sexual relationship with no emotional attachment, pure BS! And while this may not make for an ideal romantic relationship it does however make for an ideal Rom Com.

YES, there are all those cheesy scenes that you would expect from a film like this and YES it has the ending you would expect. What you may NOT expect however is that Justin Timberlake is super charming and even though it's in that "I'm WAY better at everything than you are" sort of way it's still pretty endearing.  He ends up playing a slightly geekier version of the JT we all know and most of love (which I have a feeling isn't too far off from the real Justin). JT plays a young up and coming blogger who run a very successful site and is being recruited by a ruthless 'Head Hunter' (Kunis) to leave behind the comfortability of his life in LA and head to New York.

Kunis is wonderfully funny (and YES extremely pretty) in the film! The chemistry she and Timberlake have is great and they play off one another well and are both so genuine is their roles and THAT'S what makes this movie work! These two take the dated "Boy Meets Girl' plot and make it fun again!

In addition there are some GREAT cameos that will really surprise you and be another reason you'll be glad you saw this film! I know I am despite playing 4.50 from a small Slushie at the theater! I give this film a B+. And if my review has yet to persuade you to see this film check out this hilarious spoof PSA from the twosome after the jump!



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