First Time Filmmaker Hits it 'Out of the Park'!

My friend and aspiring film maker Ben McGinn has certainly sparked a lot of controversy over his his first little short film documenting his brother's journey to have Mickey Mantle ball ( a gift from their grandfather) signed by up and comer Bryce Harper who is consider the next big thing and headed to the Washington Nationals. SO why have a classic piece of history destroyred by some kid who we have yet to know his fate in the game??  Ben is a big believer in taking risk.  It turns out Harper is a huge Mantle fan and when Ben found this out the idea popped into his head. I'm sure he never would have guessed that this would stir up such a heated debate among babseball fans. With comments like "That better be a fake Mantle ball, or else you just wasted a great autograph."
and "That's very stupid", appearing on the video's page people are certainly passionate about this! So what do you guys think...Will this ball be triple the value one day if Harper makes it big or was a priceless piece of baseball memorbilia ruined??

Check out the video below!



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