Joe Jonas On the Cover of Paper Mag

In the magazine's upcoming issue the 21-year-old Pop singer chatted about his upcoming solo album Fast Life and what it's lie to branch off form the super popular group that he was a part of with his brothers.

On branching out from the Jonas Brothers: 

“My brothers [Kevin and Nick] and I, we’re like each other’s best friends, and I think it’s that foundation that makes me feel like I can really do this on my own for a second.”

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On the inspiration for his upcoming album, Fastlife
“I don’t mean to name-drop but about a year-and-a-half ago I met Bono, and he told me to write music that was really honest, to not be afraid to go there.”

Nick, on Joe going solo: 
“I think it’s good that he tried out a few things to see what felt best. As Joe has grown as a man, it’s been really interesting to see how that’s influenced his sound. And now he’s landed in a real sweet spot. When we all heard the music, right away it was like, ‘This is where you need to be.’”



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