Former Real World Member Scott Herman to Host Event to Help Raise Awareness and Support for research to help those Living with HIV and Aids

Some of you may have caught my interview with Scott  back in March when I caught up with him at The Arnold Classic in Ohio.  And we talked a lot about Scott's effort to help those in need and shed a positive light where there is so much negativity.  And Scott continues to do just that! Scott will be participating in the AIDS/LIFECYCLE event in June. His team of 'Hermanites' will be starting in San Francisco and are going to be pedaling 545 miles to L.A.  To kick off the event Scott will be hosting a Meet and Greet at McFaddens (800 2nd Avenue on the corner of 42nd Street) in NYC on Thursday, May 19, 2011. Scott commented,

"I hope that with your support I can continue to be a positive influence in society and make a difference in the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS"

Check out the Flyer for the event and check it out if you're in the city at the time or please donate to Scott's team. Every little bit can help!



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