Throwback Video of the Week

Wow, this may be the best Throwback Video of the Week suggestion yet!  Mark Morrison's "Return of the Mack" video is chalk full of epically cheesy goodness.  From the ridiculous fade haircut to the random shot of the python and cloning of oneself (now I guess that truly is "mack".  What may have been deemed as suave back in 1996 is not the example for today's man.  The ridiculous gold rope chains ( Jay-Z would just laugh at that bling) and leather pants just won't cut it anymore fellas!  All in all, this video gave me a great laugh and I think you'll love it too!  SO don't try to deny loving this week's "throwback" because "you do, yes you do, do do, dooo".

**Special thanks to John Smathers for this week's Throwback!



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