Glee FINALLY Stops Neglecting Us!

After going on a hiatus for the past few weeks Glee has returned with A Night of Neglect. SO since it's been a while here's a quick recap..New Directions won Regionals now it's time to gear up for Nationals and their big trip to NY.  Also Blaine and Kurt are now dating. Yay!   And so are Mr. Shue and Ms. Holiday. Now I know everything seems peachy but of course this is Glee so let's throw in some drama!

So the whole theme of the episode was obviously, neglect.  The Glee kids being neglected, therefore unable to afford their trip to Nationals.  Will neglecting the fact that he and Holly aren't a good match and Karofsky still neglecting his sexuality.

The plot of the episode revolves around the Glee kids holding a benefit concert in order to raise money for their trip to NY.  However, they are also trying to fund a trip for some of the Glee Club members (Mike, Tina, Artie and.... Brittany?) to go to the Academic Bowl championships being held in Chicago. Now while this plot line is pretty ridiculous it did add some great laughs to rather sad episode.

The whole time the Glee Club is putting together the concert Sue is up to her dastardly ways (yes I said it!) and is devising a plan to ruin the concert.  Her plan comes off as pretty cartoonish and involves the coach of Vocal Adrenaline, Sandy (former choir director) and Terry ( Will's ex-wifecoming together to form "The League of Doom", which is just silly.  Now, what's interesting about this is while Sandy's and VA's coach plans of attack were unveiled in this episode we have yet to see what Terry has up her sleeve, and I bet it's gonna be good!

And in typical Glee fashion while the show didn't go off exactly as planned it did still go on.  Mercedes stood her ground and finally earned some R.E.S.P.E.C.T. by singing some Aretha.  The Glee kids were heckled bringing poor Tina to tears.  But in the end Sandy came through to save the day by paying to the trip to Chicago with some of his drug money ( gosh I LOVE this show!).

As the season is coming to a close we're getting that vibe that Emma and Will may get back together.  And for the show's sake I hope they do and put an end to the whole "will they won't they" game that is being played. It was also nice to see an appearance from Charice (damn can that girl sing!).  There was also a nice moment with Santana when she stands up to Kurt's bully Karofsky.  She is slowly becoming one of my favorite characters!

Some other highlights include AWESOME performances from Harry Shum Jr. and Gywneth Paltrow who did an amazing job of covering Adele's "Turning Tables", an INCREDIBLY hard task!. In the end the episode was like a giant cookie not really good for but it was sure as hell nice to have it!  I give it a solid C.  What did you guys think??



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