Throwback Video of the Week

Now despite the fact that I'm an 'Nsync girl I've gotta give The Backstreet Boys their props! They did come first afterall, and I don't think I'll EVER stop loving "Everybody".  BSB had TONS of fun songs and I always looked forward to seeing Nick Carter in their videos (love him!).  However, "I Want it that Way" is one of the few videos from the group that is really different and truly shows their adoration for their fans.  This takes me back to the days where I had Teen Bop pictures of my favorite pop groups plastered all over my bedroom walls, ah the memories.  Hope you guys enjoy!

** Special thanks to Rose Kalgren for this weeks' Throwback!



  1. Thanks for picking the best throwback video ever! BSB is definitely the best boy band of the 90s, and possibly of all time. Love this video!