Some SUPER New Movie Trailers!

In case you guys have missed them I wanted to share with you two new full length trailers for some upcoming films that look awesome and that I'm pretty excited for.

First up Super 8!  This film directed by JJ Abrams ( Star Trek) about a group of kids in a small town to capture an epic event on film while making a movie with a super 8 camera looks haunting, thrilling and emotional all thrown into one pot, which makes for a great film recipe.  What do you guys think of this Steven Spielberg backed flick which stars Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights)?

Next up, Captain America.  Now there has been TONS of buzz about this action packed film that will be the final chapter of Marvel films to come out before leading up to the big finale of Joss Whedon's Avengers' film.  Surprisingly , the biggest shocker about this project isn't that director Joe Johnston managed to make the period piece really interesting with WWII as it's backdrop but how freakin' skinny Chris Evans who plays the lead looks!  Someone even referred to it as "Christian Bale, Machinist Skinny".

So do you guys think the Captain will rescue us from another tired Superhero movie or will it fall by the wayside with the recent string of mediocre comic book films to have come out??

Source: ToplessRobot, NerdBastards



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