Michael Bay, Aliens and Explosions Make for a Great Combination in 'I Am Number Four'!

So I trekked all the way from Pittsburgh Pa all the way to New Jersey for an advance screening of the new sci-fi movie I Am Number Four and let me tell you it was worth every long mile!  From the opening scene of feeling like you're being catapulted to earth to end battle of the movie DJ Caruso's new teen Alien flick I Am Number is a truly riveting and captivating experience!  I Am Number Four is about John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) a teen who with his guardian, Henri (Timothy Olyphant) along with a small group have escaped their home planet which has been destroyed by a group a treacherous group that uses up all of a planet's resources called the Mogadorians.  Now, on earth John and Henri must stay hidden from the Mogadorians in order to some day wage war against those who have destroyed their planet.  The only problem is, John who has special powers called legacies along with others who have powers as well are being killed off in numerical order!  John is ready to fight this war against the Mogadorians who destroyed his planet Lorien and who are now intent on doing the same to earth however, falling in love with fellow classmate Sarah (Dianna Agron) definitely wasn't in the picture.

With Michael Bay as a producer along with Steven Speilberg  as you would have expected there were lots of explosions and and the effects were out of this world (hah sorry had to do it guys)!  There was tons of action to go along with the teen romance, which came off really cute since it seems as though Pettyfer and Agron had great chemistry working together.

What stood out to me however, weren't the sweet effects or the action but rather the incredible soundtrack which I found out was hand picked by DJ himself!  This man has a knack for picking music that moves right along with the plot and that's what makes Number Four so compelling.  He is able to pick the exact right song for the moment.

Another thing I really enjoyed were the the performances, while Pettyfer is a great action star and Agron made a smooth transition from TV to film what really blew me away were the performances of Callan McAuliffe who plays Sam, Johns first friend at his new school in Ohio and Teresa Palmer who plays Number Six.  McAuliffe adds great comic relief as the nerdy ufo loving High School geek and Palmer just has this aura of badassness and really commands the screen for the short time that she is on it.

I am thrilled at how the movie turned as it did take care of many of the problems that I saw in the book and really made it a much smarter, more cohesive story.  That's not to say however that the book is all bad I did feel more attached to certain scenes in the novel than the film but all in all Number Four is a fantastic ride and I am hoping to see several more films come out of the Lorien Legacy novels that are being created!  I Am Number Four comes out Feb. 18th so check it out, you won't be disappointed.



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