Some Important Lessons Learned in Glee's Special Education Episode

Wow, I just don't know what to say.  Glee continues on it's up and up trend.  The show hasn't had this consecutively good episodes since it premiered last year.  Now that the focus is back on the relationships that we care about the show has taken most definitely taken a "New Direction".

So this episode the Glee kids headed to Sectionals where they had to compete with their good buddy Kurt, who now attends Dalton Academy after being forced out of school by bully Karofsky.  Also, with Kurt gone the Glee club added a new member, Lauren Zizes.  Despite the fact, that The Prep school did a Train song it was surprisingly likable ( I guess Darren Chriss and a sweet a capella back up group can make any song sound good).

Ryan Murphy brilliantly has Kurt's school and the Glee kids tie at Sectionals in order to have them both squaring off at Nationals.  Now while Sectionals in the main event of the episode it really serves as the back drop to everything crumbling down around the Glee and its members.  Finn and Rachel breaking up due to her cheating, Emma marrying the dentist and Kurt ironically having trouble fitting in a school that he envisioned being so accepting.  Nothing depicts this better than the last number of the show "Dog Days Over".  Sadly, for the Glee Club members and their director they seem to be just beginning.  I give this episode an A+ solely based on the last song.



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