Shit You Missed This Weekend 12/17 -12/19

Hopefully most of you out there are getting ready to wrap your busy works schedules and get ready for that last minute holiday shopping with Christmas right around the corner!  I for one, plan on drinking plenty and eating lots of good food!  Anywho, here's some stuff to keep you entertained while your bored and surfing the internet this upcoming week!

In this installment of Shit You Missed this weekend there are some box office surprises, some epic political news and some new Christmas music to get you in the mood for the holidays.  Check it all out after the jump!

So wait Tron is better than Black Swan??

So if you were to pick between an Oscar nominated directed as well as a cast consisting of Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis and Winona Ryder or a bunch of flashing lights and a plot contrived of being stuck in a video game which would you pick to be the better film?  Clearly, the first one....right?  RIGHT?!  Well, apparently this is not the case. So how does Tron fare better than Black Swan at the box office this weekend? Now that I just can't wrap my head around.  The only thing I can say (since I haven't seen either one yet) is that perhaps Black Swan is one of those movies that everyone thinks you should see rather than it actually being good where as Tron is something that just happens to be a pleasant surprise.  Check out what eonline and the Pittsburgh City Paper  had to say about the films.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repealed

Lady Gaga supporting the repeal of DADT

Now, I'm not very political and try to avoid the topic of discussing politics however, I thought it was crucial to inform those of you out there who my not have heard yet that the Don't Ask, Don't Tell law was repealed over the weekend.  For those who don't know exactly what that is, it's a law that was set in place that made it impossible for gay men and women serving our country in the armed forces to be open about their sexual orientation.  The bill was introduced in 1990 by President Clinton (correction, introduced in '93) and basically while it disallowed anyone to out a fellow officer it also allowed anyone that came out while serving to be discharged as being gay was deemed "incompatible" with serving in the army.  This is a huge deal and sadly something I never thought I'd live to see.

Source: Eonline

More Holiday music than even Buddy the elf could Handle!

So if you're like me you haven't gotten nearly enough Christmas music yet.  So here are some new holiday tunes to check out courtesy of eonline!  There's everyone from Kanye (yeah I don't really get that one either) to Mariah Carey and the Killers?  My personal favorite this holiday season has been the holiday soundtrack created by the cast of Glee.  I just can't get enough of their cheesiness and their talent.  Happy Holidays, enjoy!



  1. Black Swan is an independent art film with a budget of $13 million. Tron is a commercially viable Disney Franchise with a budget of $170 million. Yes, the Disney Franchise with a PG rating was a bigger hit at the box office than the R rated indie film about ballet. And yes you found two good reviews of Tron and two bad reviews of Black Swan. Keep in mind Rotten Tomatoes found 88% of the critics liked Black Swan and Only 49% liked Tron. Black Swan has already made it's money back, while Tron needs to hold steady for weeks and do huge international business to make a profit. Tron also received a wide release and played in theaters across the country. Right now only New York, LA and a few art houses in other major cities have Black Swan. Yet it still cracked the top ten. Also Bill Clinton was not sworn in as president until 1993.

  2. Mega, stop being a hater. Granted, films with more mature ratings always suffer due to a limited audience but just because a film is "artsy" and independent doesn't mean that it's good. However, I appreciate your correction to the Don't Ask, Dont' Tell. That slight hiccup displays just why this is an entertainment blog and not a political blog. As always, your comments are greatly appreciated!