Who Sang it Better?

A few weeks back I finally heard Jesse McCartney's version of "Bleeding Love" the song made popular by Leona Lewis.  Now I'm sure most of you knew that orginally the song was his but he found it a better fit for Leona.  Now while I do love Jesse I defintely have to agree.  He just can't belt it out and give the song feeling like Lewis does. 

Recently, I came across the same thing with Pink and Adam Lambert for Lambert's hit song "What Do You Want From Me?".  Pink actually co-wrote the song that was meant for her 2008 album Funhouse.  Now this was it was a lot harder for me to make my decision, especially because I'm such a huge fan of Pink and her talent.  In the end however I have to get it to Lambert.  Pink's version just seems to fall flat in comparison.  In the situation where the same song it done by different we typically like hte one we hear first, solely because that's what we're use to.  So what do you guys think of my little theory?  And of course leave some comments about which versions you liked better or if you didn't like any of them! Check out all the versions after the jump.

Jesse vs. Leona

Pink vs. Adam Lambert



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