Top Ten Beards in 2010!

With the holiday seasons almost upon us, 2010 will rapidly be coming to a close so I thought it only fitting to give you guys a Top 10 List.  It's been a big year thus far, with intelligent blockbusters like Inception and The Social Network hitting the big screen, Taylor Swift's newest album, Speak Now selling over a million copies but most importantly, it's been a year of wonderfully bushy beards!  It all started earlier in the year when Zac Efron began rocking a ridiculously manly beard while promoting his flick Charlie Saint Cloud.  There's just something about a beard and flannel that it seriously making a comeback in 2010!  Check out who made my list after the jump!

10. Brad Pitt

Although Brad's beard basically turned into dreadlocks he still manages to make it look good!

9. Alexander Skarsgard

This guy can certainly make drinking blood look sexy with his scruff.

8. Spencer Pratt

There was NO way I wasn't including Spencer and his flesh colored beard in this list!

7. Paul Rudd

Paul always manages to look good even when he's making those ridiculous faces we all love, so it's undeniable that he would look good with some scruff!

6. Conan O'Brien 

What is there not to love about this guy and his "unemployment" beard?!

5. Jon Hamm

Is there anything this guy doesn't do well?  Besides playing his brilliant role of Don Draper on AMC's MadMen he is SUPER funny when he appears as Tina Fey's character ex doctor boyfriend on 30 Rock! No wonder he can also make rocking a bushy beard look good as well!

4. Robert Pattinson

Oh swoon... it's dark and mysterious RPatz with a beard!  I gotta say though, it definitely makes him look more mature and it does look pretty damn good!

3. Jay Baruchel

This awkward, geeky guy from Knocked Up and She's Outta My League is just ADORABLE with his scruff!

2. Jake Gyllenhaal

With or without the beard when he smiles it's IMPOSSIBLE  not to fall in love with this guy!

1. Zac Efron

I just love this guy.  He seems so genuine and I dig the new manly look... No more "Beiber" hair cut for this High School Musical graduate!



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