So Disney Made A Movie About Going to Prom

So Disney is hitting us with some serious high school nostalgia, whether you loved prom or hated it the memory never leaves you and Disney is set to capitalize on this.  Their recent project Prom serves as an homage to John Hughes 80's teen dramas like 16 Candles and The Breakfast Club.  Unfortunately, it looks more like High School Musical minus the musical numbers to distract us from the mundane plot.  The cast mainly consist of a bunch of unknowns except for Aimee Teagarden from the NBC hit series Friday Night Lights.  The film is due out in April 2011 and will have teens as well as suckers for this kind of stuff (like myself) running out to see it.  Check out the trailer here.

Prom - Trailer - In Theaters April 29, 2011

Prom | Myspace Video

Also check out some pics from the movie after the jump!

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