The New Guy on Glee: A closer look at Chord Overstreet

And yes, that's his real name, not a stage name!  Hailing from Nashville and being the son of a Country music star from a young age he was encouraged to follow his love and passion for music; And lucky for us he did.   His adorably geeky demeanor, great voice, and guitar playing ability make him the perfect addition to our quirky Glee club and a perfect rival for Finn not only in the choir room but on the football field as well!  This is what Overstreet had to say about his role on Glee:

"You kind of have to stay in good shape. I actually signed that in my contract. It was all about having to have one or two shirts off scenes for every episode. I'm like the Taylor Lautner of TV now."

What's most interesting about Sam (Chord's character) is  wondering how his sexuality will pout on the show.  Originally, it seemed that he would be a mate for our Kurt but recently we see a romance starting with him and Quinn?  What?!  Somehow though I don't feel that this relationship is the end of our Sam's journey for love on the show.  I for one am excited about Chord joining the cast and looking forward to seeing what happens with his character Sam. Offscreren the 21 year old has been linked to a recently single Rumor Willis.  Also, Chord will be starring in the upcoming flick Warrior (2011) alongside the Twilight duo of Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene.  Check out Chord performing alongside Dianna Agron in just about the cutest performance of Lucky" (try not to swoon too hard! SO cute!).

Source: People , Zap2it



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