Megan Fox's New Movie with Jon Hamm? And it Actually Seems Good!

Written by Jennifer Westfeldt (wife of Jon Hamm), Friends With Kids is one of those ensemble cast movies.  Lucky for us this ensemble cast sounds FANTASTIC!  It is set to be about three couples and Hamm as well as Adam Scott are set to be the other halves of these couples along with Hamm's wife and Kristen Whig.  So where does Megan Fox fit into all of this?  Well, after seeing the toll that having kids is taking on their friends lives and relationships the couple of Wesfeldt and Scott decide to see other people after they have a kid as an attempt to bypass the stress.  Fox will be Scott's "other woman" who he begins to date.  I'm super interested to see how this pans out and think that Scott and Fox will have great chemistry.  Hopefully this turns out as good and as interesting as it sounds!  What do you guys think??

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