La Roux: Better Slower?

I fell in love with the strange, eighties sounding, rooster haired looking group a while back with their powerful, spunky sounding pop and unique vocals.  La Roux recently released their single In for the Kill along with a new video.  Now it goes without saying that the video is outrageous and the song is catchy as hell but then I came across a remixed Dubstep version of the song and really dug it!  A lot of you that watch Entourage may recognize fit from the most recent season's soundtrack.  Dubstep, is mainly a UK music style. It's a trend that started back in the eighties that consists of a strong bass line and a very slowed down instrumentals with few vocals.  Initially, this may not seem very appealing and I would have to agree.   I feel as though his would not work on just any song but Elly, the face and voice of the group has haunting vocals  that really stand out and are a perfect match for this down tempoed beat.  Check out the new song and the dubstep version here and see which one you wanna rock out to.



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