I Am Number Four Soon to Become Number One "Tween" Craze

Harry Potter...Twilight...I Am Number Four?  Are you guys ready for the next big tween craze to hit theaters?  I know I am!  So Aliens, that look like humans, are being hunted down by some mysterious force from their home planet and have come to Earth to escape.  At least we have clean water here...or not.  I must say I was definitely skeptical when I heard the plot.  There didn't seem to be much there and with newcomer Alex Pettyfer to take the lead and carry the movie also worried me. However, after this recent teaser trailer I must say I was blown away!  I'm intrigued and gotta say that this looks truly fascinating.  Also, now more than ever, am I compelled to read the book before the film comes out in February.  What do you guys think, will you see it?  Check out the trailer here!



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