GLEE Execs Not Gleeful About Mark Salling Pursuing Own Music Career

So if you're as big of a GLEE fan as I am you were probably somewhat surprised that Puck (Mark Salling) was strangely absent from the show this week (10/12).  Mr. Shuster gives us an abrupt and awkward reason as to why Puck is gone.  He tells us that Puck is in Juvenile Hall for causing some mischief.  The scene is clearly forced and feels super uncomfortable, and now we know why.  The badass, guitar playing crooner from Glee may permanently be off of the hit show!  The head hanchos at Glee felt it disrespectful for Salling to take a greater interest in his jazz fusion band Jericho rather than the show.  They may consider it a breach of contract.  I feel as though this is a poor decisions by both parties.  His character will certainly be missed from the show and feel a little empty and it just doesn't seem like a smart career choice on Mark's behalf to strain a relationship that has made you part of one of the most popular shows on television and a Pop-Culture phenomenon!   There are however other reports saying that this isn't the case stating, "It's all incorrect. Of course Mark is still on the show, he just wasn't in that episode." Is this true or is something shady going on?  What do you guys think?  How do you guys feel about Sallings character Puck possibly not being part of our beloved Glee club anymore?  Sound off with your comments!

Source: OhNoTheyDidn't , Zap2It



  1. He may have a ten-Thirteen contract. Also they may have written him out of the episode to allow for the Quinn/Sam romance. I know, I know...actual character development on GLEE?!? Hopefully they move on quickly from this so Ryan Murphy can awkwardly interject a plot centering around Katy Perry's Teenage Dream.