Ryan Reynolds Buries Himself in His Work

In the current issue of GQ Reynolds upcoming movie in which he is buried alive is talked about.  The movie promptly entitled, Buried involves Reynolds convoy being attacked and then having him buried alive for ransom. The concept is quite interesting, much like phone booth only one character commands the screen.  Also, the camera is within the coffin with Reynolds the ENTIRE hour and thirty minutes the film takes place!  Now Ryan certainly is likable but do you guys think he is to the challenge of being on screen alone, for that amount of time?  Check out the teaser trailer, movie poster and a clip from the film to help make up your mind!

"Buried" Poster

"Buried" Trailer

"Buried" Clip



  1. You're so on top of things Rach! Gus gets GQ and I just asked him whether he read up on RR's new movie. Talk about a tough role. I'm curious to see if he can hold his own.

    p.s. I forgot about that movie Phone Booth! That was actually pretty good.