Oh the Britmanity!

It's here!  The long awaited Britney/Brittany episode of Glee.  Now I was just as excited as everyone else when I saw the promo for the ep.  While it was great to see the "Princess of Pop" get paid tribute to, the episode a whole fell short.  The song choices of course were fun but the storyline was well...kind of stupid, until the end when we got to the heart of things with Mr. Shue's feelings for Emma and Rachel finally learning to trust Finn.  This isn't to say that "Britney Mania" was ALL bad.  I really enjoyed the "Toxic" performance and the guys' reactions to the new, sexy Rachel!  What did you guys think?  Was the ep. worth all the hype?  Or like me, did you feel that the show was capable of SO much more, especially with a genius like Ryan Murphy (Nip/Tuck) controlling the reigns?

In case you missed it check out the "Toxic" Performance here!



  1. I totally agree with you Rach! I was sooo excited for the episode and I thought they did a fab job with reenacting Brit's videos but the story line was terrible. And at the end Rachel sang a Paramore song- what was that about?!! It's a Britney episode which means they should only be singing her songs. Over all I give it a 75/100.